Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Gurgaon Main Chudai.

Gurgaon main chudai Baat kuch mahine pehle ki hai. Meri bachpan ki dost Sheena se milne main Gurgaon Gaya tha. Sheena ek call centre main ek responsible position par kaam kar rahi thi. Sheena aur meri dosti bahut gehri thi. Maine kabhi use gandi najar se dekha bhi nahi tha. Woh apni kuch saheliyon ke saath Gurgaon ke ek flat main rehti thi.Usne mera unse parichay karwa diya.
Sari ladkiyan wahan ke mahaul main ekdum ghul,mil gayi thi. Unme ek ladki Riya par mera dhyan gaya. Baki ladkiyon se mujhe pata chala ki Riya bahut hi traditional khayalat ki thi. Ladkon ki language main kahein to 22 saal ki Riya ekdum mast maal Thi.Uske lambe baal,gora badan patli kamar ke to na jaane kitne deewane the. Jald hi mujhe uspar line maarne ka mauka mil gaya.

Monday, 30 April 2012

At last i fucked my virgin girlfriend.

I was on my equivalent of the traditional "schoolies" trip every Australian high-school graduate takes, in Hong Kong. It was a whole new city, and I felt out of place, out of my depth, but strangely excited — secretly, I was thinking this was my chance to truly try out the life of drugs, drinks, and hookups that I'd been restraining myself from during school. I still don't know if it was actually excitement or just pressure from the expectations of being in such an alive city. Either way, it suited my very pragmatic outlook on these things; sex was also just another hurdle to get over in my mind. There wasn't any emotional significance attached to it.

Short Story. Fucking a co-worker

At work, there's this girl. Let's call her Katie. She's kinda short, blonde hair, blue eyes, and not exactly skinny, but not thick either. She has one of the cutest smiles I've ever seen. She's perfect. She has one of the nicest asses I've ever seen, and her tits aren't bad either. One time at work, I fucked her. I fucked her hard and good. This is that story.
While working one day, we did our usually flirting back and forth. But this time it was different, it was just as, and there were no customers. It was weird, but nice. She came over to me and started teasing me. I'd be leaning on the counter and she'd come up and start rubbing her ass on my dick.
"You like that, don't you Jon?" she asked, leaning back and looking into my eyes.

दोस्त की मम्मी

मेरा नाम रोक्की है, मेरी उम्र 25 साल है और कद 5'7" है। मैं दिखने में सुन्दर हूँ, कोटा, राजस्थान से हूँ।
मैं अन्तर्वासना साईट का बहुत बड़ा प्रशंसक हूँ इसलिए अपनी जिन्दगी में पहली बार अपनी व्यक्तिगत घटना आपसे बांट रहा हूँ।
मैं एक अच्छे अमीर परिवार से सम्बन्ध रखता हूँ। मैं जहाँ रहता हूँ वो क्षेत्र जवाहर नगर एरिया कहलाता है जो कोटा का पोश एरिया है। मेमे परिवार में मैं और मेरे मात-पिता हैं।
तो यह दो महीने पहले की बात है, मेरे घर के सामने एक नया परिवार रहने आया था। वे केवल तीन ही लोग थे, पति-पत्नी और उनका लड़का विक्की जो मुझसे सिर्फ दो साल छोटा है। तो उस लड़के से मेरी दोस्ती हो गई। उसके पिता एक दवा कम्पनी में बिक्री विभाग में हैं और मम्मी घरेलू महिला ! विक्की की मम्मी शोभा आंटी थोड़ी मोटी हैं लेकिन लगती अभी तक काफ़ी गर्म माल लगती हैं पर मैंने कभी उन्हें गलत निगाह से नहीं देखा था मैं हमेशा उनसे आंटी कह कर बात करता था।

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Humping a teenage girl.

Opposite my house there used to live a girl with her mother and father. Her name was Manisha and her mother’s Sujata. I was always interested in both of them. The girl was around 15 to 17 years of age and her mother was around 35 to 40. Manisha had quite an attractive body. By her age she had oversized breasts and it was a great turn on. She had very wavy butts. They used to sway here and there whenever she used to walk. I just couldn’t take my eye of her butt whenever she used to walk.

Susmi getting fucked by Carl

Hi! Homies.. this is Carl(name changed) after reading all the stories I finally decided to write one of my own too. I'm 5'8 ft & have quite a fair complexion. This incident occurred during my school days. Just after passing my Xth from a school full of hot & horny girls, I joined a boys school and i'm sure u know how that would feel like...
I still was intouch with my gf but kinda missed being with her. So I looked for a solution & I noticed that one of d dining hall aka use to stare at me everyday. Her name was susmi & all the other students used to talk about her and how much they wanted to bang her. So even I started creating my own fantasies about her. But wasn't brave enough to talk to her & I guess she wasn't either coz we only kept on staring at each other & this went on for days.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

सील तोड़ने का मजा

मैं संदीप पुणे का रहने वाला हूँ, मेरी उम्र 26 साल है, दिखने मे हट्टा-कट्टा हूँ, मैं एक सच्ची कहानी आपको बताने वाला हूँ।
लेकिन उससे पहले मैं आपको अपने लण्ड के बारे में बताता हूँ, मेरा लण्ड 7 इंच लंबा है और खुदा की देन मानो वो नई कोरी चूत सील तोड़ने के लिए ही बनाया है क्योंकि उसका आकार आगे सुपारे की तरफ सिर्फ 2 इंच मोटा है और पिछली तरफ 3 इंच मोटा है, मेरे इस लण्ड का फायदा मुझको तब होता है जब किसी नई चूत का सील तोड़ना होता है। आप सब जानते है कि जब किसी लड़की की सील टूटती है तो उसको कितनी तकलीफ होती है लेकिन मेरे लण्ड आकार ऐसा होने कारण लड़कियॉ अपनी सील तोड़ने के लिए मुझको बहुत पसंद करती हैं।

Zara and her Horney Gang.

“Hey guys, you’ve got to see what I’ve downloaded onto my phone.” Zara heard John say while she was getting a drink. John was one of her older brothers mates, along with Shane and Tom. They were all round Wayne, Zara’s brothers, new pad. He had only moved into the one bed apartment a couple of months ago. Now it was the summer holidays. Zara was preparing to go to collage having finished school that year. Her brother was heading to the local university, hence the new place to live. Two of his mate, John and Tom, were also going to university. Shane was now working in the kitchen of a local restaurant, a job he had always wanted.

Today was the same as any other day hanging around with them for Zara. She had started when she was only just thirteen. The four of them had always been nice to her, in spite of her being two years younger. Strangely enough she never actually got with any of them. Even though she would admit they were fit. It just never seemed right, and none of the gang ever tried it on with her. Probably because she was Wayne’s little sister. He was the biggest, and toughest of the four.

पारो सेक्सी आंटी

हाय दोस्तो, मेरा नाम अनुराग है, मैं पंजाब में पढ़ाई कर रहा हूँ। मैं अभी तक अविवाहित हूँ, उम्र 21 साल है, देखने में दुबला-पतला हूँ, एक साल से अन्तर्वासना पढ़ रहा हूँ !
मैंने कुछ अच्छी और प्यारी चुदाई की कहानियाँ पढ़ी।
इसलिए मैंने भी आज सोचा कि मैं भी आप लोगों को अपना एक अनुभव लिखूँ। यह मेरी जिन्दगी का पहली चुदाई थी।
यह बात दो साल पहले की है, हम किराये के मकान में रहते हैं, हमारी मकान मालकिन का नाम पारो है, वो बहुत सुंदर और सेक्सी है करीब 42 साल की, बहुत सुन्दर लगती हैं और वो देखने में अभी भी 30-32 साल की लगती हैं। वो तकरीबन 5 फ़ुट 4 इंच की एकदम मस्त लगती हैं, उनका बदन 36-30-38 होगा।
जब भी मैं उन्हें कपड़े धोते देखता तो उनके चूचे देख कर मदहोश जो जाता था। मैं जब भी बिपाशा बसु की कोई फिल्म देखता हूँ तो मुझे उनका चेहरा याद आ जाता है। मेरा उनके घर पर बहुत आना जाना है, मैं उन्हें देखने का कोई मौका नहीं जाने देता।

New city.New chick

My name is Phil and I was 15 when my dad got a promotion at work to manage a satellite office of the company he worked for and because of that, we had to move to a new town. I'm Chinese and from San Francisco so the move was a bit hard for me. We moved to a small town where it was mainly white people, most of whom have never seen an Asian before. Most of the people at school were either ignorant or just plain idiotic. Everyone here were a lot bigger than what was normal in San Fran - the jocks weren't really the muscular type. In fact, a good portion of them had obvious beer guts and somewhat flabby man boobs. But they all had muscle and were practically 7 ft tall. Half of the school towered me with my height at 5 ft 7 inches, even the girls. And most of them were not the skinny type you see in San Fran - they all had some meat to them and their bodies overall were bigger, including bums and breasts. Must be the diet - everyone here ate nothing but meat, potatoes and starch and almost everyone in school drank like no tomorrow whenever they had the chance.

Rashmi ki Chudai.....Ah Aah aahha..........

Meethi Gaand - Long hindi sex story
Rashmi is a 28 yrs old married women and her husband Mr. Rajesh who is 30 yrs old. Mr. Rajesh is an engineering in a reputed company in Delhi. They are residing with his father in delhi since 4 yrs back. Aab kahani hindi main……………………
Waise to Rashmi Dehradun ki rahne wali thi aur bahut hi khubsurat aur middle class family se thi. Uski shaadi Rajesh se 4 saal pahle ho gai thi. Abhi tak rajesh ushe pregnant nahi kiya tha karan ki wah use thik se chod nahi pata tha. Rashmi ke pita ek retired army the jo akshar ghar par hi rehate the. Rashmi ke sasur aur uske pita bachpan ke acche dost the….. Rashmi ke sasur ka naam maniklal